22 OctChoosing a VoIP Phone: Software or Hardware


Traditional phone systems have evolved to enable a digital delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions known as VoIP (Voice over Internet protocols). This happens when the VoIP phone converts the standard voice in the telephone to digital content that can be transferred over the internet and converts incoming digital phone signals from the internet […]

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20 OctHow You Can Enhance Customer Service With VoIP Technology


A thriving relationship with customers is the dream of every business owner, but how we can enhance customer service with VoIP Technology. At times, it takes just a phone call to convert a prospect into a customer; something which always looks quite simple until you hit a snag. Sometimes it’s a poor connection, another time […]

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18 OctCloud VoIP Service


Cloud voice over internet protocol systems is one of the most recent highly effective, high speed phone services for small businesses. It is more affordable and feature rich as compared to traditional phone services. It frees the user from the responsibilities of managing the software, the hardware plus vendor relationships which are required to deliver […]

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16 OctSoftware VoIP Phone Vs. Hardware VoIP Phone


VoIP phones come in two forms, the ones that depend on hardware, and others that depend mostly on software, also called softphones. Therefore, what are each type’s features and why should you choose one over the other? Softphones are virtually software, and all you have to do is install the software on to your computer […]

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14 OctGetting Best Out of VoIP Technology

VoIP Services

VoIP  technology or voice over IP has drawn the interest of among the various categories of people such as business users and home user among others. VoIP technology has spread rapidly across the world leaving a substantial impact in the industry. The VoIP telephony services are the advanced and the latest set of technology used to make internet-to-phone […]

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12 OctHow to Save on Long Distance Calls

long distance calls

Making long distance calls was so expensive that people had to keep short their conversations. Calls to distant cities were infrequent or in some cases not made at all due to the high costs people incurred during the calls. This trend has changed with time, as call charges have dropped drastically from what they initially […]

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10 OctReasons to Switch To VoIP


As the matter of fact, the traditional phone lines are out-of-date, and most people are no longer using them due to the technology advancements especially in the communication industry. In that regard, there is a need to switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Rather than going through the headache of applying and waiting in […]

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